NBA 2K18 Preorders at Electronics City Store

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of summer so far. While summer is heating up, the end of summer is always a busy time for video game releases. This year is no different. Starting in August, several games will be dropping for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 & Nintendo Switch. Today, we look at the upcoming NBA 2K18 game. NBA 2K18 will be released on September 18, 2017.

Electronics City Store will have all games available for preorder right now & we will preview some of the new games to look forward to. Typically, the video game releases happen starting in July & will go through November. Credit & thanks to, the Playstation Blog, and IGN for the information.

NBA 2K18 – Releases September 18

Cavs guard Kyrie Irving will appear on the standard editions of the NBA 2K18 game, with Shaq appearing on the legends edition.

NBA 2K18 will continue the trend with having a special legends series of their popular 2K series basketball game. This year, the player will be legendary center Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq will be on the cover of the legends & the legends gold editions of the game.  NBA 2K18 will continue with their tremendous game play as well as the strong storymode in their “My Player” series. We will keep you updated on more news with this, however, we do know that the storyline mode will be improved upon.

As many will remember, last year in the mode, fans went through the NBA combine, summer league style games & the ability to basically take a ton of shots and become a top pick in the NBA Draft the upcoming year. The mode showed off the inclusion of college teams in the game as well as bringing the strong cinematic quality to the game, which other games are using now, including Madden NFL 18.

NBA 2K18 Legends Edition With Shaq

As mentioned earlier, 2K18 will feature special Shaq editions. If you are a fan of Shaq, or a fan of classic 90s NBA basketball, the special pack could be your cup of tea. From a physical standpoint, the legend edition (non-gold) features the following items:

Physical Shaq items:

  • Limited Edition Shaq Poster
  • Special Panini Trading Cards
  • Exclusive Stickers

Digital Shaq Items:

  • 100k VC (Virtual Currency)
  • 20 Weekly MyTeam Packs
  • More random Shaq in-game stuff

In the legends gold edition, the VC goes up to 250k, 40 weekly MyTeam Packs, and again, more random Shaq-inspired stuff.

NBA 2K18 Game Improvements

Of course, most gamers care about this part of NBA 2K18. Last year, 2K17 was a strong game, as usual, but there were things to be worked on. The game had players who were so great that they could shoot from half court for example. Steph Curry is a great shooter, but he doesn’t always shoot from half court & makes them. There were times when playing online, someone could take Andre Drummond – a terrible shooter – and possibly knock down a 3.

Another big area that is improved on are the animations. One animation that will be taken out is the one where a player dribbled on the sideline & could get a blocking foul. It was 50/50 that it was either a foul or out of bounds. Developers have gone online via YouTube & confirmed that will be out, thank goodness.

Transition Defense Much Stronger

In 2K17, especially if a player was in online gaming, it was easy to use a team like the Wizards or Warriors and run up & down the court. Teams that had high-powered offenses were hard to stop on the fastbreak. 2K18 developers have improved the overall transition defense. Players shouldn’t be getting caught in as many 3-1 or 2-1 breaks all the time.

Multiple MyCareer Storylines

The MyCareer storylines could be interesting if there are different twists to them. Every player takes a different path to the NBA, so if reading this right, it could mean different styles of storylines. This could be similar to the WWE 2K model where there are a few different paths to doing well to get to the WWE Championship.

This could also mean that a player can have multiple MyPlayers going as well, but that wouldn’t mean as much.

Special Hoops Games – HORSE

Playing on the playground, basketballers always play some kind of special game. The main ones are 21, H.O.R.S.E, or Around The World. In 2K18, the HORSE game will be included, which should be a great time. For those not familiar, H.O.R.S.E. means that players have to copy & make wild shots or earn a letter. The first player to earn HORSE loses.

This mode will be fun in pretty much all online modes.

All-Star Weekend Mode

This could be a true gamechanger & a sign that EA Sports could be out of the basketball running. EA has had crappy basketball games over the last several years, going back a decade. Developers at NBA 2K18 have noted that the All-Star Weekend moe will be included in the game. If it is the full mode, it would include the rising stars game, 3-point shootout, & the slam dunk competition. This will be outstanding as long as the dunking is not extremely difficult. If there are a ton of combinations needed in order to do a wild dunk, it could be a flop.

A great way to get this mode fun will be if certain points are awarded for special dunks. Or having the ability to unlock special gear to dunk with.  We will return soon with part 2 of our look at NBA 2K18.