Madden NFL 18 Taking Franchise To Next Level

Last week, EA Sports came out with some early information on Madden NFL 18. The game will feature Patriots QB Tom Brady on the cover, and will be available in standard & GOAT editions. Madden NFL 18 will be released this August in conjunction with the start of the 2017 NFL season.

While the basics of the game should be the same, one of the new features is a story mode. EA is going heavy this year with having storylines in games. The first time EA really worked on this level of gaming was in the game Fight Night Champion. It came out on Xbox One & Playstation 3 in 2006, and was a hit. One of the biggest parts of the game was the champions mode.

The champions mode featured fighter Andre Berto. Berto was shown in prison during a fight & working his way up through the ranks. The game featured ESPN integration & a player had to ultimately build into being the champion of the world. The game mode was rated definitely “R”, but it was a key moment for the EA Sports franchise. The mode was available in NHL 16.┬áThe game had the Be A Pro mode that allowed players to make decisions that would affect player morale. The better the morale, the better the team would play.

Madden NFL 18 Longshot Mode

In the “Longshot” story mode, EA Sports moves into the next level of gaming. A similar mode will be available in the upcoming FIFA 18 game. As for Madden 18, the mode begins as a young guy in high school. As a player, you try to get a scholarship to a big level college. The team ends up being the Texas Longhorns.

Similar to college, a player will play their way up to getting invited to the NFL combine. ┬áDuring the high school portion, however, a meeting ends up happening with your “dad,” who happens to be Masherala Ali. For those not familiar with the name – he plays Remy Danton on House of Cards on Netflix. He gives advice as the move up continues through the career path.

Dan Marino Makes An Appearance At NFL Combine

As you continue past Texas to the NFL, Dan Marino shows up for advice & to make a pitch. There are sure to be more surprises in the game, however, having these cameos give the feel of the NFL mode. Bringing in a legend of the game like Marino adds the authenticity of how to get to the league. Marino retired as the leading passer in NFL history & has been a face of the game for many years.

Having top players & personalities in any game makes it feel something out of an NFL Network documentary. Guess is that Marino will give the player on the rise some tough love & real guidance as they come up through the ranks.

Madden 18 Will Compete With NBA 2K For Top Sports Games

Hardcore fans have crapped on Madden NFL games for years. We thought the games were pretty strong, but fans constantly wanted more. They received more in the NBA 2K series. While the fans were complaining about Madden, the team at 2K sports made great games in the NBA & WWE series. The association modes were better. The gameplay was smoother & more on the realistic side of the game.

2K knew they were not strong in football, and well, Madden & the NFL signed an exclusive aggreement. EA Sports is bringing Madden 18 into the world of complete storytelling. If the Longshot mode is anything similar to the Association or Create A Player modes in the NBA 2K series, this game could end up being one of the top games of 2018 & giving NBA 2K18 a real run for its money.