WWE Network vs NJPW World Part 1 – WWE Network Pros

WWE Network

For those of you who are hardcore wrestling fans, the streaming age has been key for you. The two major global companies in the sport – WWE & NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling) – have come out with streaming apps. The apps are available on the Amazon Fire TV Stick (WWE Network is available on most streaming, NJPW is only on Amazon), but both work very differently. Today, we look into which wrestling app is worth the $9.99 per month.

WWE Network – Pros

  • Tons of Classic Content

    • WWE Network does a strong job of packaging the history of the industry all over their app. The vault section features top wrestling shows like Saturday Night’s Main Event, Clash of the Champions, NWA World Championship Wrestling, AWA, and many other big cards.
    • In the collections section, if fans want to get exclusive content, they can watch this section to learn about their favorite wrestlers & their classic matches & promos.
    • WWE uploads about 100 hours of new content each month.
  • All PPVs Are In Multiple Languages

    • Over the last few months, WWE Network has gone above & beyond to make sure their shows are available in about 8 languages per event. And yes, they have space for all of the announcers & make sure you know each of them every broadcast!
    • There has been talk of WWE going back to do alternate commentary & foreign languages for classic PPV events from the 80s & 90s.
  • Original Shows Are Solid

    • WWE quickly gets all of their weekly wrestling content up on the Network within 30 days (Raw & Smackdown)
    • WWE NXT is one of the hottest brands in wrestling
    • Company has taken a bit from NJPW and started doing more tournament-style events, which are exclusive to the network
    • Shows such as Total Divas, Total Bellas, Legends House, & WWE 24 are strong documentary shows – shown commercial free

WWE Network Pros Overview

All in all, WWE Network is a solid sports app overall that is worth $9.99. The company was the first to come up with the over-the-top app style & made it work. There were some issues early on with the streaming, but that has worked itself out over time.

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