Sports Fans – Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick

Guess what everyone, the holiday season will be here before we know it. No question about it, one of the top gifts on most people’s list will be either the Roku or Amazon Fire TV sticks. Both are the top devices in the world of cord cutting. The devices both allow for streaming apps & shows across many channels & networks.

However, a big question for many people is which one is better? Which one will give you the biggest bang for your buck? Which has the best reception when it comes to streaming power? We tackle that question in this blog post.

Sports Fans – Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick?

For many people, this is an area that made cable still attractive. Sports is the one form of entertainment that is hard to watch on-demand or on a delay. Reason is because so many people will talk about a game every moment of the day, spoiling the entire event. The sports world moves so fast in that if fans don’t watch the game that same day, most times, the moment passes & we are on to something else.

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For sports, while both devices are strong, Roku might have the slight edge due to NFL Red Zone. For those who don’t know, Red Zone is a streaming service through NFL Network that gives no-commercial football on Sundays during the regular season. This service, in terms of these streaming sticks, is only available through the Roku app. At some point, Amazon Fire TV stick will have the service, especially because Amazon is a major sponsor of the NFL. The service also streams Thursday Night Football, and has an NFL reality show on their Prime service.

NFL Red Zone is one of the most popular subscription services in the country. Red Zone gives Roku the advantage simply because both devices have most of the same sports networks available for streaming. In terms of the sports apps that are currently available, from us owning both devices, we give the edge to Amazon.

The streaming has always been smooth with Amazon & at times, if the Roku is a bit far from the router, the stream could be tough. When there is a big play getting ready to happen, that’s a situation that you don’t want to take a chance on missing because of bad streaming.

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