WWE Network Is Top-Tier Sports & Entertainment App

In today’s world of apps, there is practically one for every level of entertainment. Movies, TV, sports. If it is a form of entertainment, it is available. However, what many people don’t realize was one app was the pioneer for many of the over-the-top styles available today – WWE Network.

People still crap on wrestling at times for no real reason. Whether they believe its not fun because its staged is there business. However, outside of Netflix & Hulu, WWE Network was truly the first sports brand to go with the over-the-top style – meaning the ability to stream live content without the need of cable login.

When the idea was first brought up in 2011, most wrestling fans believed that the service would be a channel. Fans, including many of the team at Electronics City, grew up wanting a network for wrestling. Most people grew up on the sport in the 70s, 80s, 90s & still watch today. WWE has been the clear leader in professional wrestling & preserving the history of the business. The company owns most of the top promotions & their video libraries, which have been digitized for WWE Network.

As time went on, WWE created more & more content. The time was becoming right. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was one to always have his eye on the pulse of the world. The company new that a normal TV channel wouldn’t suffice. It had to be something bigger.

WWE Network Introduced In January 2014

When WWE Network was announced, it was on the biggest stage available – CES in Las Vegas. It was streamed on WWE.com & that was the first night it was known that events would be shown live through the app. While ESPN & other companies had those features, again, there was the need for cable.

Cable & satellite was starting to get played out. People didn’t want to spend so much money on services, hence why they were gravitating towards Netflix & Hulu. The price points had to be competitive with Netflix in order to make the service worthwhile. WWE produces monthly PPV events that would typically cost about $50 – $60 in HD. The economy was changing. People didn’t want to spend big money just for one event.

During the announcement, it was revealed that the service would have every pay-per-view event in the history of the business at launch. WWE would have content from their own company, WCW & ECW. The latter two were territories WWE purchased over the years, but had a major following from wrestling fans. The only way fans could see the classic pay-per-view events was through DVDs & blu-ray, but those became costly over time, especially if fans were purchasing each event when it was released.

Live Events On WWE Network Without Pay-Per-View or Higher Price

One of the biggest questions was whether WWE would show their top events on WWE Network. Not only did they do that, but there wasn’t an increase in price to do so. Wrestlemania, their top event, would be available on the Network for the same $9.99 subscription cost – something that at the time was unheard of.

Many stockholders & critics asked why the company would give away an event for basically free. Wrestlemania on PPV used to be $70 to watch. Fans would go to bars, have parties where everyone would chip in, anything to just cut the cost of watching. McMahon knew the company was starting to look in a different direction other than high costs.

Today, WWE Network has hundreds of different events, live specials & documentary series that have allowed older & new fans to fall in love with the product again. Many fans say if it were not for WWE Network being so popular, the company may be in trouble with losing fans. The current product has been okay, but not to the level that it was in the 80s, 90s & even early 2000s. The company has clearly put all its eggs into making WWE Network the top place for WWE content. At only $10 per month.

Companies Followed WWE Network Model

Since WWE Network launched in 2014, other entertainment companies have followed suit. Mainstream media may not admit it, but WWE has been a strong social media force & a force in technology. HBO, Showtime, Hulu & many others have begun offering live streaming in an over-the-top format. While WWE is still the cheapest in that space, other companies are realizing that cord-cutting is a trend that won’t stop anytime soon.

Other apps, including the ones mentioned, keep up content for the current season of shows only. WWE goes deeper into their library & constantly has content from the past. Some items end up taken down, but repackaged in a different way & returned back to the service. Because WWE doesn’t run in a traditional season format, it would be impossible to keep a year of action available.

Fans Love WWE’s Past

The reason WWE fans went with the Network was the ability to go back in the past. Wrestling, more than almost any other media around, truly embraces classic moments from the past & fans actively watch it. There are fans who watch the past even more than the product of today.

For most of the company’s existence, fans waited for DVDs & blu-ray sets to come out in order to enjoy the past moments of WWE superstars. WWE Network features content from back in the 1950s that has been excellently remastered for today’s viewing.

Today’s WWE Network continues to be a great value for fans of sports & entertainment. The company adopted a free month membership for the first month. That promotion attracted tons of fans around the world & has kept those fans.


If you want some fun entertainment of today or back in the day, give WWE Network a chance. It is a true bodyslam in the world of apps. The service is available on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast & virtually every device available.

Hulu Live TV Helps Millennials Cut Cord

Since we have been watching the boring 2017 NBA Playoffs & NBA Finals, during commercials, Hulu advertised their new live streaming service. Hulu, working to capitalize on those who want to be cord-cutters, showed over 50 channels that would be available at early launch. Channels included are ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, most of the important ESPN networks, CBS Sports Network & others.

This post is going to focus directly on the sports side of things. For the longest time, sports lovers couldn’t cut the cord and not rely on cable due to network apps being available only through cable logins. Hulu Live TV cut the cord – for good.

If you are someone who isn’t used to the language – don’t worry, an education is coming soon.

Anyways, sports fans were reliant on watching their favorite teams & games through cable logins. Hulu & their new service finally allows for fans to watch games & other live programming without the need to login to a provider. Many feel sports fans were the last group to keep cable truly a float.

Providers now need to think of new gameplans going forward.

What The Heck Is Cord-Cutting?

Cord-cutting means getting rid of cable & satellite service for TV. During the last decade, services like XFinity (Comcast), DirecTV, Cox & others were beginning to charge nearly $150 for cable & internet packages. The internet service was fine, however, many people didn’t want to pay so much for channels they don’t watch.

During the last 3-4 years, TV watchers demanded change in a big way. People began relying on Netflix, Hulu, WWE Network & other over-the-top apps to gain entertainment. However, many sports fans were still in the cold. Sports apps are available on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV & others, but when a user watched the app, they had to have a login to their own, a family or friends cable service.

Hulu Recognized Sports Fans Kept Cable Strong

The one event where advertisers could charge major rights fees for cable companies was sports. Sports are always live & can’t be recreated with emotion through replays. Too many people know what happens & once highlights are available, the magic of the moment is gone.

Sling TV was actually the first to come out with the live streaming service, not Hulu. Sling was strong, but it didn’t include the normal over-the-air channels, where many sports are carried. Hulu goes over them with being able to have access to almost every major live sporting event available now.

The service featured at launch the following sports networks: ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPNU, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, Big Ten Network and CBS Sports Network.

All of the networks other than CBS Sports Network have been available via stream. Fans had been wondering when CBS Sports Network would finally stream content. The network carries strong amounts of college football & college basketball during the season & missed out on major viewers recently.

Another big win for the service was having regional Fox Sports channels. Fans will be able to watch local teams through their local Fox sports affiliate. Fox carries a majority of the sports teams on a regional network nightly, and being available on Hulu helps in making sure fans won’t look to the cord anytime soon.

Network TV Ratings Should Get Higher with Hulu Live TV

Network executives pull their hair out every year trying to find content to compete with Netflix, Amazon & other streaming services. People look to watch TV on their time, which meant going to the on-demand style through the network apps. Some people waited until shows were available on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.

With a live streaming option, more people will have the option to watch shows in real-time. A reason networks love this feature is due to social media scoring. Networks want to win the fight in the Nielsen ratings, but also create social media buzz. The social media attention is not the same when a show is being watched the next day or on-demand – obviously, the exceptions being networks that are made for all shows to be watched on-demand.

The Hulu Live TV service can be viewed on a variety of different devices immediately, with more scheduled to be added soon. Networks will have the ability to reach fans anywhere in real-time, something new for many of the top over-the-air companies. Sports networks have been live streaming for some time now – and it shows in the results & in the social media interactions on a regular basis.

Hulu Live TV Helps Networks Target Millenials Easier

Networks will be willing to develop more series, investing millions of dollars into making a project come to life. Furthermore, networks will feel comfortable knowing advertisers will have their products seen by a broad amount of potential users. Most companies target the millenial market, but had a problem connecting due to the mobile nature of people.

The mobile nature particularly targets young people. As we are in the summer months, people are on the go more. They have more time off and are looking to enjoy the weather & friends – not worrying about what time to get home to watch a show. To have Scandal, Masterchef, This Is Us, or any other popular non-sports show opens up marketing in a major way. Ads can be customized for certain devices through cookies, regions, & viewing habits.

Lack of jobs and money hurt people’s ability to watch shows faithfully at the same time each week. Shows viewed on an iPhone live will have much better following in the long run than a show on a network in only on-demand.

At the end of the day, having live streaming is a necessity for any show or network to survive. The day will come when the old ways of cable & satellite will disappear completely.

Either live stream or as the Metallica song goes – Fade To Black.

Tips For Using George Foreman Grills

Most people who are single tend to look at life a bit differently than those in relationships. Particularly guys who are single. For many guys, things go one way or another – either work out hard because there is time & looking hot for the right woman – or just chill and not worry about anything due to no responsibility to anyone. While the latter does tend to happen quite a bit – single guys need to think about taking care of the body & mind during that time.

This means definitely being strong at cooking. Yes, the McDonalds, KFC & Burger King can be appealing many nights, but as millenials, there is much more education on food than was ever available before. The need to eat healthier is more prevalent than at any time in history. Due to strong information & actual results, the better we as a whole can eat, the better life will be, and we contend that it helps with the dating aspect of life.

Restaurants have made major strides in healthy food options. Keep in mind, however, the goal is to impress the date. While living the single life, a big key that guys should know about is cooking. And not just cooking – but making sure that your apartment or house is equipped with proper appliances to make healthy food, even when not making food for many people.

George Foreman grills can help making cooking a breeze. Many grills are available on sale at the Electronics City store.

In this first blog at the new Electronics City, we break down different appliances that can help with eating healthy & making a great dinner on a date. Eating out is great, but being able to throw down in the kitchen is a true sign of refinement. Cooking a well-balanced meal not only shows that a guy can take care of himself, but from our viewpoint, a huge turn-on for women when considering a guy who they may date long term.

George Foreman Grill Makes Cooking Incredibly Easy

If you grew up in the late 90s or early 2000s, you know the greatness of the Foreman grill. While most people past the age of 30 know Foreman as the former heavyweight champion of the world, and the guy who had great fights against Holyfield & Ali, young people know just the grill. They know that some guy made a great grill & made millions, when in reality, he gave his name to the company making the grill.

Little known fact – the makers of the grill initially approached Hulk Hogan about the grill. When Hogan said no, the company went to Foreman. Sounds like big George made the right move saying okay to that move.

The George Foreman grill made college much easier in terms of eating healthy. It allowed young people to cook food that was healthy & good brain food. Students now had an option other than on-campus meals that may not be as healthy.

Prepping For The Cooking Week With George Foreman Grill

Grilling for the week can make life much easier. The preparation ahead of time can help keep someone on their healthy eating plan. Work, life, family, and many other issues can stop people from cooking every night. While understandable, the GFG ends excuses for not eating right & not taking care of the body well. The fat from the food gets drained quickly & easily. Individual grill pieces are cleaned quickly via dishwasher or hand. The material used in the grill allows for non-messy cleaning and helps with people’s busy lives.

Using the weekend to cook for the week can help efficiency. Being able to have food ready for the upcoming week can help the body & mind, cut down on time, and help give ideas on making good recipes for that date down the line.

Recipes Have Evolved Over Time

When the grill first came out, most people were only cooking burgers, steak  & other meats. As time went on and more variations were released, ways of cooking on the grill became advanced. The bigger, outdoor grills allowed for grilling normal foods that are associated with outdoors, such as potatoes, corn, kabobs & much more.

When a guy brings a date over to his home, it means clear opportunity to impress. Furthermore, there are a variety of cookbooks dedicated to the preparation of foods specifically for the Foreman grill. With recipes made for simplicity on the grill, the ability to make strong, healthy dinners without all the fuss will show off efficiency & the ability to truly impress with basically culinary skills.

George Foreman Grills Aren’t Just For College Students Anymore

In today’s world, men have to be able to be a bit of everything. Being just a smart guy or just a meathead doesn’t cut it anymore. Being a bit of a renaissance gentleman goes far in terms of winning love. Cooking well goes far in showing a lady that she is special. Having the Foreman grill used to have negative connotations. Many people believed that it meant a guy was cheap. People were used to cooking full meals with all the full utensils, not just grilling and keeping moving.

Those days are now over. Meals can be five-star caliber while being healthy & economical.

Cooking food can be incredibly messy & with the way people have to work now to make ends meet, doesn’t always make things easy for intensive cleanup. Whether single or married, a Foreman grill needs to be a standard appliance in all homes. The grill is strong for cooking on budget or limited time.

Similar to ways that Foreman knocked out opponents in the boxing ring, knockout a victory on your date with a phenomenal meal & preparation.

Madden NFL 18 Taking Franchise To Next Level

Last week, EA Sports came out with some early information on Madden NFL 18. The game will feature Patriots QB Tom Brady on the cover, and will be available in standard & GOAT editions. Madden NFL 18 will be released this August in conjunction with the start of the 2017 NFL season.

While the basics of the game should be the same, one of the new features is a story mode. EA is going heavy this year with having storylines in games. The first time EA really worked on this level of gaming was in the game Fight Night Champion. It came out on Xbox One & Playstation 3 in 2006, and was a hit. One of the biggest parts of the game was the champions mode.

The champions mode featured fighter Andre Berto. Berto was shown in prison during a fight & working his way up through the ranks. The game featured ESPN integration & a player had to ultimately build into being the champion of the world. The game mode was rated definitely “R”, but it was a key moment for the EA Sports franchise. The mode was available in NHL 16. The game had the Be A Pro mode that allowed players to make decisions that would affect player morale. The better the morale, the better the team would play.

Madden NFL 18 Longshot Mode

In the “Longshot” story mode, EA Sports moves into the next level of gaming. A similar mode will be available in the upcoming FIFA 18 game. As for Madden 18, the mode begins as a young guy in high school. As a player, you try to get a scholarship to a big level college. The team ends up being the Texas Longhorns.

Similar to college, a player will play their way up to getting invited to the NFL combine.  During the high school portion, however, a meeting ends up happening with your “dad,” who happens to be Masherala Ali. For those not familiar with the name – he plays Remy Danton on House of Cards on Netflix. He gives advice as the move up continues through the career path.

Dan Marino Makes An Appearance At NFL Combine

As you continue past Texas to the NFL, Dan Marino shows up for advice & to make a pitch. There are sure to be more surprises in the game, however, having these cameos give the feel of the NFL mode. Bringing in a legend of the game like Marino adds the authenticity of how to get to the league. Marino retired as the leading passer in NFL history & has been a face of the game for many years.

Having top players & personalities in any game makes it feel something out of an NFL Network documentary. Guess is that Marino will give the player on the rise some tough love & real guidance as they come up through the ranks.

Madden 18 Will Compete With NBA 2K For Top Sports Games

Hardcore fans have crapped on Madden NFL games for years. We thought the games were pretty strong, but fans constantly wanted more. They received more in the NBA 2K series. While the fans were complaining about Madden, the team at 2K sports made great games in the NBA & WWE series. The association modes were better. The gameplay was smoother & more on the realistic side of the game.

2K knew they were not strong in football, and well, Madden & the NFL signed an exclusive aggreement. EA Sports is bringing Madden 18 into the world of complete storytelling. If the Longshot mode is anything similar to the Association or Create A Player modes in the NBA 2K series, this game could end up being one of the top games of 2018 & giving NBA 2K18 a real run for its money.

NBA 2K18 Preorders at Electronics City Store

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of summer so far. While summer is heating up, the end of summer is always a busy time for video game releases. This year is no different. Starting in August, several games will be dropping for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 & Nintendo Switch. Today, we look at the upcoming NBA 2K18 game. NBA 2K18 will be released on September 18, 2017.

Electronics City Store will have all games available for preorder right now & we will preview some of the new games to look forward to. Typically, the video game releases happen starting in July & will go through November. Credit & thanks to Bitbag.com, the Playstation Blog, and IGN for the information.

NBA 2K18 – Releases September 18

Cavs guard Kyrie Irving will appear on the standard editions of the NBA 2K18 game, with Shaq appearing on the legends edition.

NBA 2K18 will continue the trend with having a special legends series of their popular 2K series basketball game. This year, the player will be legendary center Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq will be on the cover of the legends & the legends gold editions of the game.  NBA 2K18 will continue with their tremendous game play as well as the strong storymode in their “My Player” series. We will keep you updated on more news with this, however, we do know that the storyline mode will be improved upon.

As many will remember, last year in the mode, fans went through the NBA combine, summer league style games & the ability to basically take a ton of shots and become a top pick in the NBA Draft the upcoming year. The mode showed off the inclusion of college teams in the game as well as bringing the strong cinematic quality to the game, which other games are using now, including Madden NFL 18.

NBA 2K18 Legends Edition With Shaq

As mentioned earlier, 2K18 will feature special Shaq editions. If you are a fan of Shaq, or a fan of classic 90s NBA basketball, the special pack could be your cup of tea. From a physical standpoint, the legend edition (non-gold) features the following items:

Physical Shaq items:

  • Limited Edition Shaq Poster
  • Special Panini Trading Cards
  • Exclusive Stickers

Digital Shaq Items:

  • 100k VC (Virtual Currency)
  • 20 Weekly MyTeam Packs
  • More random Shaq in-game stuff

In the legends gold edition, the VC goes up to 250k, 40 weekly MyTeam Packs, and again, more random Shaq-inspired stuff.

NBA 2K18 Game Improvements

Of course, most gamers care about this part of NBA 2K18. Last year, 2K17 was a strong game, as usual, but there were things to be worked on. The game had players who were so great that they could shoot from half court for example. Steph Curry is a great shooter, but he doesn’t always shoot from half court & makes them. There were times when playing online, someone could take Andre Drummond – a terrible shooter – and possibly knock down a 3.

Another big area that is improved on are the animations. One animation that will be taken out is the one where a player dribbled on the sideline & could get a blocking foul. It was 50/50 that it was either a foul or out of bounds. Developers have gone online via YouTube & confirmed that will be out, thank goodness.

Transition Defense Much Stronger

In 2K17, especially if a player was in online gaming, it was easy to use a team like the Wizards or Warriors and run up & down the court. Teams that had high-powered offenses were hard to stop on the fastbreak. 2K18 developers have improved the overall transition defense. Players shouldn’t be getting caught in as many 3-1 or 2-1 breaks all the time.

Multiple MyCareer Storylines

The MyCareer storylines could be interesting if there are different twists to them. Every player takes a different path to the NBA, so if reading this right, it could mean different styles of storylines. This could be similar to the WWE 2K model where there are a few different paths to doing well to get to the WWE Championship.

This could also mean that a player can have multiple MyPlayers going as well, but that wouldn’t mean as much.

Special Hoops Games – HORSE

Playing on the playground, basketballers always play some kind of special game. The main ones are 21, H.O.R.S.E, or Around The World. In 2K18, the HORSE game will be included, which should be a great time. For those not familiar, H.O.R.S.E. means that players have to copy & make wild shots or earn a letter. The first player to earn HORSE loses.

This mode will be fun in pretty much all online modes.

All-Star Weekend Mode

This could be a true gamechanger & a sign that EA Sports could be out of the basketball running. EA has had crappy basketball games over the last several years, going back a decade. Developers at NBA 2K18 have noted that the All-Star Weekend moe will be included in the game. If it is the full mode, it would include the rising stars game, 3-point shootout, & the slam dunk competition. This will be outstanding as long as the dunking is not extremely difficult. If there are a ton of combinations needed in order to do a wild dunk, it could be a flop.

A great way to get this mode fun will be if certain points are awarded for special dunks. Or having the ability to unlock special gear to dunk with.  We will return soon with part 2 of our look at NBA 2K18.